Here is a case study of the Message to Mars toy package I've designed: 

Step 1: Brand Research

Who are you? Who is your ideal client? Who are you talking to? What is the look and feel of your brand? How can I add value to your brand? What is your vision and how can I make it real?

Step 2: Gather Inspiration

This part is just for me to get inspired. I create a mood board of type treatments, illustrations, colors, previous work done with your brand and cool concepts. Then I start to establish the color palette.

Step 3: Sketching

On a blank page and start sketching thumbnails, from here I select 2 or 3 concepts I'd like to present. I then illustrate my ideas using Adobe Illustrator. Here is an example of what my 3 comps look like for the 'Message to Mars' ball package for Restoration Hardware:

Step 4: Carry out

A design is selected and I carry out my idea to the die line. Here, I tweak upon feedback, make sure colors are accurate, create a mock up to make sure all sides will be seen correctly, and files are proofed, polished and print-ready.

Step 5: Proofing

I have experience in many printing processes and am able to press check vendor proofs and give feedback to ensure that the proof matches your high quality of printing standards.