5 Creative Holiday Card Ideas For Clients or Friends

Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts come in the form of stationery. Create something unique and special that your clients and friends will enjoy on their desk all year long and will remind them of you when they look at it.  

Here are 6 creative holiday card ideas you can personalize and send out this holiday season:

Fill in the Blank Holiday Card

1. Fill-in-the-Blank Card: This card is fun and has a festive spin on 'fill-in-the-blank' stationery. The card reads: May 2015 be the BEST and MOST_____________ (enter whatever your heart desires) year yet. It is a flat 5 x 7 card with a festive pattern on the back. Your clients or friends can write in what their desired wish for 2015. 

2. Chic Calendar Card: What a great way to spread gratitude and a wish for love, creativity and abundance for 2015 with this modern and chic calendar card. This card reads: Love, Gratitude & Creativity = Abundance 2015. It is an over-sized, flat 5.5 x 8.5 calendar card. 

3. Inspiring Quote: Share an inspiring quote and make it pretty. Personally, I love quotes I have a saved many of them on Pinterest and when I need a jump start on my creativity I read through them and get inspired. If your friends or clients have this on their desk or inspiration board then it would be a daily inspiration to them. I think that's a great gift! 

Find a quote that resonates with you, is specific to your ideal client or friends, and authentically represents you. The card reads: Life is Art Paint Your Dreams. It is the small and sweet size of 5 x 3.5. How cute would this card be with letterpress on Kraft paper and a red envelope? 

ornament card

4. Diecut ornament card (or hangtag): Imagine opening this beautiful ornament card. How special would you feel if someone went out of their way to send you this special sentiment? With a card like this I would hang it up on my tree or bulletin board so I can enjoy throughout the holidays. You can also use this small card as a hangtag. Tie with ribbon onto a jar of homemade cookies or bottle of wine. 

This diecut card is approximately 3" x 3" with a hole to put ribbon through and shown with .25" satin ribbon. This would also be cute as a new years card with an inspirational quote.

New Years Resolutions

5. New Years Resolutions Fill-in-the-blank card: What a clever way to initiate the New Year's Resolution ritual with a fill-in-the-blank resolution card. Make it pretty and easy for your friends and clients to have some fun with resolutions. The card reads: What are your New Years Resolutions? Do more of:__________ , Do less of: __________, Kiss ___________ more/less, etc. It is a 4 x 9 flat card.

Make these cards your own with personalization.

You can personalize any of these cards with your logo and colors from your visual branding. Combine any of these ideas into your own unique and special card. For example, you can create an ornament card with an inspirational quote or possibly put a photo in there.

The holidays are right around the corner. If you would like to personalize any of the above cards pricing starts at $2 per card (handmade card not included). Order by Dec. 1st with a 2-week turn-around time. If it's a New years Card you'll need to order by December 15. I require a $25 deposit. Please contact me to make your deposit.

Do you have a great idea for a holiday card? We offer a custom design package that will be special and unique to your brand please contact me for pricing.

Cheers and Happy Holidays! Monica